ANN SHERIDAN joins Bette Davis and Olivia De Havilland in complaining about the roles Warner Brothers were offering her.

The date is not clear, possibly 1940.

The article says that Ann accuses Warners of trying to starve her into returning to the studio. I love how Ann says,

“But they don’t know the Sheridan. I’ve been saving my money for five years. And I can sit just as tight as they can.”

Ann had been suspended 4 months earlier because she wanted her salary upped from $600 a week – to $2,000 a week.

Ann added, If I don’t work for them, I can’t work for anybody .”

Ann had several disputes with her studio. Her agent once said,

“It will take $2,000 per week to get her to oomph any more.!”

Ann lost THE STRAWBERRY  BLONDE role to Rita Hayworth as a result of her suspension.

After a 6 month suspension, she did get a higher salary and a good role in KINGS  ROW. (Ann was working on THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER  at the same time she was filming Kings Row.)

Ann made it clear which part mattered to her – “My only love was Randy Monaghan. I didn’t care for Lorraine Sheldon.”

I’ll be watching the new blu-Ray of Ann’s WOMAN ON THE RUN soon. In the meantime, here’s a Sheridan pictorial.



I don’t know which film this picture is from.







Ann with her second husband, GEORGE BRENT.




Ann in a 1935 western costarring Randolph Scott.



As ‘Lorraine Sheldon’ in THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER.










With Cary Grant in I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE.






As ‘Vermilion O’Toole’ in TAKE ME TO TOWN, costarring Sterling Hayden.




Great little film .




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  1. The “starve” article is indeed from 1940.
    “Girl of the shadows” pic is from the trailer for “Angels With Dirty Faces”.

  2. Warner Bros. seems to have had the a lot of contention with their female stars. I wonder…did the men not protest as much or were they better treated than the female stars?

    Ann Sheridan is an actress I’ve been wanting to see in more films. I haven’t seen her in any noir yet and am curious what you will think of Woman on the Run.

  3. Good point! I bet some of the male stars complained too.
    I don’t know what you have seen of Ann. My favorites are EDGE OF DARKNESS,THE UNFAITHFUL,STEEL TOWN, I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE and COME NEXT SPRING.
    I’ve seen Woman on the Run twice. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t impressed the first time, but liked it very much the second time.
    It will be good to see it on blu-Ray .

  4. Great post,and a lovely photo gallery as always.

    Males got a rough deal at Warners sometimes as well.
    Bogart was reduced to playing a zombie in
    Interesting Bogie quote regarding top Warners
    contract director Irving Rapper (who Warners suspended
    10 times in seven years)
    Bogart: “Skippy,if you get one more suspension you will
    end up on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.”
    Ann Sheridan’s last starring role in the charming
    piece of Americana COME NEXT SPRING has just had
    an “unofficial” release from Hollywood Scrapheap.

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