One of Hollywood’s finest singers,MARNI NIXON, has died in New York at the age of 86, on 24th July,2016.


Known for her dubbing of Deborah Kerr,Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn, Marni’s skill came in adapting her beautiful ,classically trained  voice to the accents and speech patterns of the actresses she was dubbing.

Deborah Kerr,MARNI Nixon

Deborah Kerr,Marni Nixon


When it finally  became known that it  was Marni’s voice we hear in The King and I, West Side Story and My Fair Lady, Marni received the accolades she deserved.

She sang with symphony orchestras, opera companies and toured in “Marni Nixon, The Voice of Hollywood”. She did many recordings under her own name.

Many interviews with Marni can be seen on You Tube. And she did play Eliza in My Fair Lady in a stage production in 1964.

Marni Nixon

Marni Nixon

In the days when the film studios were happy to fool the public, Marni never got the credit for her beautiful voice, but fortunately all that changed and we all know the name and voice of Marni Nixon.


Marni’s autobiography

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  1. Wow, there should have been a lot more publicity for Marni Nixon’s passing – I hadn’t realised she had died until seeing your posting. She was truly one of the greats.

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