Classic News: 1

…………Aurora ( has a fascinating post about a little known classic Hollywood make-up artist called DOROTHY PONEDEL (1898-1979) who did all of Judy Garland’s makeup during most of the 1940s, and many other stars too.

Aurora links to an extended interview with Dorothy’s niece,Meredith.

Dorothy had to battle with a male dominated makeup Union and Meredith reads out a letter Dorothy sent to the union in the early 40s.

This lady deserves a biography. Do check out Aurora’s post on her blog, Once Upon A Screen.( link above)

Dorothy Ponedel, Judy Garland

Dorothy Ponedel, Judy Garland



……..PANAMINT CINEMA ( is releasing CANYON PASSAGE (1946) on Blu-Ray,region B on 15 August,2016. Cost £16.99.

Canyon Passage was Jacques Tourneur’s first western and technicolor film.Extras include a 16 page booklet; Universal newsreels from 1946, including the film’s premiere;  4 radio shows featuring the film’s stars, Dana Andrews,Brian Donlevy,Susan Hayward and Hoagy Carmichael.




……….The UCLA Film and Television Archive are having a dream double bill on 13 August,2016 at the Billy Wilder Theater , under the title NITRATE NOIR – 35 mm prints of LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN and  NIGHTMARE ALLEY.

Mark A.Vieira will be there,signing copies of his excellent new book on Noir, Into The Dark.

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney


The Archive are also screening a KIRK DOUGLAS Centennial Celebration, with titles including OUT OF THE PAST ;  THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL ;  LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL.

Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall.Young Man With a Horn.

Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall.Young Man With a Horn.





……….I must get round to watching a rare IRENE DUNNE film on You Tube before it disappears.INVITATION TO HAPPINESS is a 1939 Paramount film costarring Irene  and Fred MacMurray. I know I saw it on TV decades ago but don’t remember much about it.

All I remember is that Fred plays a boxer. It’s a film which only has 4 reviews on IMDb and it seems to be a Dunne film nobody mentions. Is it that bad ,or simply a case of a film rarely seen.

For absolutely everything Irene Dunne, you must visit the Irene Dunne site at


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