A friend who bought an Italian DVD release of THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF UNCLE HARRY (1945)  found there was a strange affair when he looked at the DVD cover.

The front cover is ok but when you turn to the back , there are two pictures of Farley Granger, one with Jean Hagen, from the 1949 film,SIDE STREET.

And the actual disc also has the picture of Granger and Hagen.

Fortunately, the correct film ( Uncle Harry) was on the disc!

A bad day at the factory?  If there was an Italian release of Side Street by the same company,  I wonder what the cover looks like!



Italian title, “I Have Killed”.




On the left, I think it is James Craig with Farley Granger.



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  1. Ive had similar things happen with a few Italian discs – I think Lang’s HOUSE BY THE RIVER had images and text relating to Dwan’s SLIGHTLY SCARLET on the back cover. There were other packaging errors for some other movie but I can’t recall which ones off the top of my head.

  2. I guess the main thing was that they managed to have the right disc!
    I’ve never seen this happen before.
    House By The River, starring Rhonda and Arlene! Nice one.

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