Ben Cooper and Scott Brady in their JOHNNY GUITAR outfits. Joan Crawford  in that unforgettably awful makeup in TORCH SONG.

But when, I wonder , was this photo taken. Torch Song was released in 1953 and Johnny Guitar in 1954.

Was Joan finishing  Torch Song and going straight into Johnny Guitar?

Can anyone solve the mystery?


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  1. And they were made for different studios as well – odd that Joan had them visit her on the Torch Song set? (As you say, that make-up was definitely a wrong choice!!!)

    • I did wonder about the balloons suggesting a party, but if it was a wrap-up party – for which film! And surely Joan wouldn’t have had kept on that awful outfit.
      It looks as if they are visiting her on the set of Torch Song, but that doesn’t tie in with the timescale.

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