I love the trade ads which filmgoers generally wouldn’t see. They were aimed at cinema owners, each studio making it clear their product was the very best!

These ads were in trade papers like FILM DAILY.

I like the shot in the LARCENY ad ,showing the long line outside the New York Strand.




Instantly identifiable as Miss West! BELLE OF THE NINETIES.




Great cast line-up with Buddy Ebsen towering above everybody.I hardly recognised Eleanor Powell next to Buddy.

All of them in casual clothes.



Paramount makes it clear silent films are gone at their studio.




Great ad featuring nice pics of the cast, with Kate Hepburn in the middle.Dont think I’ve seen this one.




Love that line – DON’T PRONOUNCE IT – SEE IT!

And the shot of Radio City with SRO at the Box Office.

When do we ever see queues  like that nowadays.

I guess the public were well aware of the ‘Lubitsch Touch.’




Nice shot – the new RAFT picture!




Interesting too that these trade ads often didn’t use studio poster artwork,  but instead featured stills of the film’s stars.




Nice color caricatures of the four stars.Myrna Loy gets star billing. I love that phrase about reaching Mr. and Mrs. Public through their hearts to their pocket-books!

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