GRETA GARBO bought a home in New York in 1953 and lived in it until her death,at the age of 84, in 1990.

The seven room apartment in the Campanile Building overlooked the East River with spectacular views from a private balcony and windows all round .

Garbo’s only relative, Mrs. Gray Reisfield,  was the sole beneficiary of Garbo’s estate, including the deluxe 5th floor residence at 450 East 52nd Street.


The Campanile Building

Garbo’s niece lived in the apartment from 1992 to  2013. No one else has lived there, but now, in March 2017, the apartment ( which takes up the whole 5th floor) is on the market for $5.9 million.

The Campanile was built in 1927. It is 14 storeys high, but with only 16 apartments in the building. Former residents included Rex Harrison and Ethel  Barrymore.

A video of the apartment can be seen at

And the website, is a treasure trove of anything to do with the legendary star.

Despite leaving the screen in 1941, part of Garbo’s estate (paintings,antiques and furnishings) sold for $19 million at auction in 1990. The total value of her estate was put at $32 million, which included art  work worth  $20 million.

And despite all the press reports to the contrary, Garbo had an active social life in New York.  She also visited  Europe several times a year.

It is shame that in her later years, a photographer followed her around, always trying to catch her off guard and take photos without her permission.

And if you are thinking of putting in a bid for Garbo’s home, forget it! Payment must be in cash only!

A campanile  is a bell tower.

On 1st  April, 2017, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that there was a lawsuit between Garbo’s two great-nephews ,Craig and Derek Reisfield, regarding the whereabouts of the honorary Oscar awarded to Garbo in 1954.



With  George Cukor, CAMILLE.


1949 screen test

What a shame that there was no come back.


Greta Garbo in Paris. July 1958.



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