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There are lots of articles about Franchot and his career in the Blogathon from 21-23 April,2017. Film reviews include DANGEROUS, PHANTOM LADY , THREE COMRADES.


Robert Montgomery

I’ve always enjoyed LADY IN THE LAKE even though Robert  Montgomery’s subjective camera technique wasn’t entirely successful.

One of the funniest film reviews I have ever read is of this film, by D. Cairns of Shadow Play blog (

Some of the comments in the post had me laughing out loud and I hope the blogger won’t mind me quoting a few – though I hope everyone will check out the entire post.

…….”Montgomery plays Marlowe as  a man who has a slow and ungainly manner of opening doors!”

…….”The cops try to give the camera the third degree, and Nolan, already having suffered the indignity of being punched by a movie camera, now gets kicked by it!”

……..”Marlowe gets into his car,easing himself behind the wheel with all the nimbleness of a 35mm camera!”

The article is called THE PRIVATE EYE,LIKE SOME STRANGE BALLOON…  Full link opposite under ‘Posts I like.’


Oh to have been at the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.

Still, a full report with lots of photos of the Festival can be seen at Laura’s blog (

My envy level was high when Laura described seeing THEODORA GOES WILD, introduced by Melvyn Douglas’s granddaughter, Illeana Douglas.

A great blog. Laura is such a prolific writer.

Irene Dunne, Melvyn Douglas


North By Northwest

Another Blogathon I’ll be checking out is  THE GREAT VILLAIN BLOGATHON. 2017. Details of entries at Speakeasy (

Villains will include  Anne Baxter in “All About Eve”, Richard Widmark in”Road House” and Gladys Cooper in”Now Voyager.”

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