A producer and a Pharaoh find a baby on a raft on the River Nile.

The Pharaoh says, “What an ugly kid.”

The producer says, “That’s funny. He looked great in the rushes.”


Fred Astaire, looking at Ginger Rogers in TOP HAT:

“If I had forgotten myself with that girl, I’d remember it.”


Which actress went mad, blind and bald.

Which actor lost his memory, his mind and his head.

Name the two performers and the 6 film titles.




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  1. Bette Davis and Ray Milland


    Of Human Bondage
    Dark Victory
    The Little Foxes


    The Lost Weekend (Mind? Memory? Both?)
    The Thing With Two Heads

  2. Davis was mad in The Nanny.

    The actor must surely be Ronald Colman.
    Memory = Random Harvest
    Mind = A Double Life
    Head = A Tale of Two Cities

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