Photo of the Day: Starring Hitchcock


You  gotta love this advert for a local Scottish cinema in 1956.

“Alfred Hitchcock AND Edmund Gwenn  in “TROUBLE WITH HARRY.”

I was going to say that anyone not familiar with Hitchcock might think he led the cast! But in 1956, I’m sure everyone knew the great man.

I guess the cinema wasn’t too bothered about getting the full title. I know it’s only ‘The’ that’s missing, but still…..

And reflective of the time. The double bill was only on for three days before a change for the rest of the week.

And matinee only on a Saturday.

The building that housed the  Hillhead Salon still stands but is  no longer a cinema.



Shirley MacLaine, John Forythe, Mildred Natwick, Edmund Gwenn





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