Mostly told in flashback, FATE IS THE HUNTER has Glenn Ford as an airline  executive investigating a plane crash which opens the film.

Piloted by Rod Taylor, flight attendant Suzanne Pleshette is the only survivor out of the 54 on board.


Suzanne Pleshette, Rod Taylor

The crash is only 10 miles from the airport.  Massive engine failure is thought  to be the cause.

The airline chiefs, including head engineer (Nehemiah Persoff) quickly decide it was pilot error since one of the engines is still working when they test it.


Nehemiah Persoff,  Robert F. Simon, Glenn Ford


Nehemiah Persoff, Glenn Ford



Jane Russell

Part of the flashback shows Glenn Ford and Rod Taylor during the War, watching Jane Russell entertaining the troops. Jane  sings ‘No Love, No Nothing.’


On the set: Rod Taylor, Jane Russell, Glenn Ford.


Suzanne  Pleshette, Glenn Ford

Ford decides to recreate the original flight and persuades Suzanne Pleshette to come on board as she can describe the movements of the crew and what happened before the crash.


Mark Stevens, Glenn Ford


During the flashback, Ford talks to Mark Stevens who was out drinking with Rod Taylor (or was he?); and Dorothy Malone who had broken off her engagement to Taylor , and Mary Wickes who was his landlady.


John Hubbard, Nehemiah Persoff, Suzanne Pleshette, Glenn Ford


Suzanne Pleshette, Glenn Ford

Recreating the original flight, Suzanne hands Glenn a cup of coffee – an innocent action which leads to the crash.


John Hubbard, Nehemiah Persoff, Glenn Ford.

It looks as if the plane will crash again, but the reason for  the original crash is discovered in time.

A strong cast also included Nancy Kwan,  Constance Towers ( underused as Ford’s secretary), Wally Cox,  Howard  St.John .

Nice too to see Robert Wilke in a modern day role, as the airline’s head of communications.

Ford and Taylor play a contrasting pair of friends, Taylor easygoing and well liked, and Ford making his way up the corporate ladder – but willing to defend his friend’s reputation .

It’s a good drama and I know it’s one I will watch more than once.

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