Only  his third film and Cary Grant gets star billing in HOT SATURDAY, playing a rich playboy who has a holiday home near a small town  who look down on him because he doesnt share their narrow minded ideas of morality .

NANCY CARROLL  may have second billing but it is her film. She plays a bank clerk whom Cary falls for. An actress I don’t know, but she impressed  – though she looked so much like Claudette Colbert.


RANDOLPH SCOTT doesn’t appear till half way through , playing a geologist who hasn’t been in town for several years, but he remembers Nancy and wants to marry her.

There’s nothing very hot about Hot Saturday. As in his previous two films, Cary looks great but has little to do.

The thin plot has the town gossips thinking  Nancy has spent the night with Cary – even her mother (Jane Darwell) thinks the worst.

The ending is completely contrived – Cary has made it clear he doesnt believe in marriage, but in the end tells Nancy he knows a preacher who’ll marry  them. This is pre-code?


Nancy Carroll, Cary Grant


I enjoyed the number, “I’m burning for you”, performed at the Saturday night dance. I’m burning to know who the singer is. Anyone know?

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  1. You mean it’s more like a rainy Tuesday? 🙂

    Interesting account of a movie of which I confess I’d never heard. I’m afraid I can’t help you with the name of the singer, although the face does seem a little familiar.

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