Composer Stephen Sondheim wrote a song called “The Ladies Who Lunch” in the stage musical , “Company. ” It was first sung, very much in the style of Eve Arden , by Elaine Stritch.

So here is Eve in some of her hat extravaganzas!



With Eleanor Parker. The Voice of the Turtle


Did Eve ever smile? She always had that quizzical look as if she’s thinking, ‘ Are you serious!’



And why not have a personalised door mat recommended by Our Miss Brooks.

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  1. First of all- I ADORE Eve Arden so I automatically loved this post. Secondly, how charming is she in all of those hats?! Thirdly, I am 200% behind the idea of bringing back hats- and gloves! Lastly, I’d love to order one of those door mats- at that price and I’d keep her name on it! 🙂

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