Cary Grant, Edward Arnold, Jack Oakie (?) ,Donald Meek. THE TOAST OF NEW YORK.

Are they about to dance! Or is  it a competition – who has the tallest hat!


Preston Foster, Arleen Whelan, Don DeFore, Veronica Lake, Joel McCrea.RAMROD.

Veronica Lake was tiny!


Dick Powell, Evelyn Keyes. JOHNNY O’CLOCK



Margaret Sullavan, Melvyn Douglas, Joan Crawford.THE SHINING HOUR.

The film had four stars. Who’s missing?


Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart,  Martha Vickers. THE BIG SLEEP


James Stewart, Richard Conte. CALL NORTHSIDE 777.


Ray Milland, Paulette Goddard, John Wayne, Susan Hayward. REAP THE WILD WILD.


Greer Garson, Dana Andrews.  STRANGE  LADY IN TOWN.


Louis Calhern, Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen,  Sam Jaffe. THE ASPHALT JUNGLE.


Steve Cochran, Joan Crawford, David Brian. THE DAMNED DONT CRY.

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