Lauren Bacall unwraps Humphrey Bogart’s bandages  in DARK PASSAGE.

As Vincent Parry, Bogart has had plastic surgery to conceal his identity after he escapes from prison.


Great advert for NOTORIOUS – the key is so important and leads to one of Hitchcock’s most famous shots.


Lovely color picture of  Ingrid Bergman in  CASABLANCA.


A star War Bond drive.

Front row:

Charlotte Greenwood, Joan Bennett, Joan Blondell, Claudette Colbert, Charles Boyer, Cary Grant, Oat O’Brien.

Back Row includes Frank McHugh, Groucho Marx, Desi Arnaz, Laurel and Hardy.



A  1954 TV production of THE  MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, with Bert Lahr, Zasu Putts, Buster Keaton.

Merle Oberon, Monty Woolley and Joan Bennett.


The end of THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, with Gregory Peck and David Jiven.


The dark city beginning of ON DANGEROUS GROUND, with cops  Robert Ryan and  Anthony Ross on patrol. ( Ross is very good as Ryan’s partner – he died in 1955 aged 46.)

Ryan will soon be going out of town where he will meet Ida Lupino.


William Talman is in the back,  with a gun on Frank Lovejoy and Edmund O’Brien in Ida Lupino’s THE HITCH HIKER.


Randolph Scott and Karen Steele in RISE LONESOME.



Nina Foch, Rosalind Russell.THE GUILT OF JANET AMES

A film with ambition but the script wasn’t quite good enough. Nina Foch had one small scene. Would love to have seen more of her.


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