So it’s farewell to 2017 and I leave with another obscure name which intrigued me.

VOLDEMAR  VETLUGUIN was the Russian born producer of one of my favorite films,  EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE.

And he also produced Lana Turner’s A LIFE OF HER OWN.

Both films within a two year period, 1949/1950.


Information on this writer/producer is sparse.

He was a writer and associate editor at REDBOOK magazine from 1933 to 1943. He then joined MGM and was at some point head of the MGM story dept. I don’t know whether he actually wrote any screenplays.


This may be a picture of Mr. Vetluguin.

In 1939, author Margaret Mitchell wrote to Vetluguin at Redbook, concerning an article he intended writing about GONE WITH THE WIND. Ms Mitchell apologised for spelling his name wrong.


Beverly Michaels

During the filming of East Side, West Side, Vetluguin  met and married BEVERLY MICHAELS  ( who has a small but memorable part in the movie.) He was 54 , Beverly was 21. They were divorced in 1952 and he died a year  later.

Which gets me onto the subject of Beverly Michaels who only made a handful of films . After making BLONDE BAIT in the Uk in 1956, Beverly retired from the screen and declined all interviews.

I’ve just watched Blonde Bait on YouTube and have discovered some interesting facts about it.

The film was called WOMEN WITHOUT  MEN in Britain, but before it was released as Blonde Bait in America, major changes were made to the plot and 4 American actors  filmed new scenes.

From the British version, PAUL CARPENTER was replaced by JIM DAVIS.

RICHARD TRAVIS, Paul CAVANAUGH and HARRY LAUTER were added to the cast.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see Women Without  Men. It would be interesting to compare them.

In Blonde Bait,  Beverly Michaels is overshadowed by the British cast led by THORA HIRD and JOAN RICE . All three are in prison but an escape is arranged so that Beverly’s character can meet up with her boyfriend (Jim Davis) who is wanted in the States. I enjoyed it though Beverly was disappointing in the lead.

I presume the new scenes were filmed in America.

I didn’t know that Beverly had been chosen by director HUGO HAAS for two of his films – PICKUP and THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, both of which I want to see.

Haas then decided to use CLEO MOORE in his subsequent films.

Beverly married  writer/director RUSSELL  ROUSE in 1955  and they remained together until his death in 1987 .

Rouse directed Beverly in WICKED WOMAN which I saw recently and enjoyed – probably Beverly’s best film.

(Rouse co- wrote DOA and directed THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE and NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL.)


Any further information on Mr. Vetluguin would be welcomed.


A very Happy New Year  to everyone. 🎉🎊



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  1. Vetluguin was responsible for the MGM Novel Award.

    Haas made a number of interesting Noirs.
    Merry Christmas Vienna, and your present is … “Pickup” is on YouTube.

  2. Uncropped version of your photo:-

    More info on Vetluguin:-

    He was born in Rostov-on-Don in the family of a doctor Ilya Gilelevich Ryndziun, who managed a large hydropathic institution in Rostov.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moscow University. At the end of 1917, he made his debut in the periodical press under his own name as a journalist.

    In 1918-1919, collaborating in white newspapers in the South of Russia, began using the pseudonym “A. Vetlugin “(among several other aliases).

    In June 1920 he emigrated to Constantinople, then moved to Paris, collaborated in the emigre press. Published books “Adventurers of the Civil War” (Paris, 1921) and “Third Russia” (Paris, 1922). In the spring of 1922 he moved to Berlin, joined the Smenovekh movement, and collaborated in the newspaper Nakanune financed by the Soviet authorities. He published a book of essays entitled “Heroes and Imaginary Portraits”, “Afterdogs”, the novel “Notes of the Bastard: the Moments of Life of Yuri Bystritsky” (Berlin, 1922).

    In the autumn of 1922 he accompanied Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan to America as secretary and translator and stayed in the US where he was manager of Isadora Duncan.

  3. Yes I too had checked out the US version of Women Without Men and was fascinated by how they blended the new footage with the original, although as you pointed out altering the plot of the original. I suspect that UK version was a bit tame for the drive in market!
    Happy new year Carol, will send you a copy of the original.

    • Watching east side west side and curious about the producer. No wiki entry!!

      Did you ever find any more info about him?
      Circumstances surrounding his death? Was he a target during the communist paranoia because of his

  4. The photograph on the right is incorrect. It is a photo of actor Richard Travis, who starred in The Man Who Came to Dinner, as Betty Davis’s love interest.

    • Sorry, on reflection, I know that photo is of Richard Travis who was also in Blonde Bait. I didn’t say it was anyone else.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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