In the recent TV series FEUD , it was clear BETTE DAVIS hoped she might win her third Oscar for WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE . But it  wasn’t to be. Bette was nominated but didn’t win.

In “Feud” it’s  a wonder Joan  ( Jessica Lange) didnt refer to “Mildred Pierce” as a possible third  Oscar for Bette (Susan Sarandon) – IF she had accepted the role!

In the 1940s, there was a period of several years when Bette and Joan both worked at Warner Brothers.

After 18 years at MGM, Joan had joined Warner Brothers in 1944 on a 3 picture deal, at a salary two thirds less that she had at MGM.

Joan was offered several scripts but until “Mildred Pierce ”  came along, she only did a guest spot in HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN in 1944.

Joan presumably knew that the part of Mildred was first offered to Bette who refused it because she didn’t want to work with MICHAEL CURTIZ again.

Director Michael Curtiz wanted BARBARA  STANWYCK.

In his new  book “Michael Curtiz, A Life On Film”, author Alan K. Rode  says that, later in life, Barbara Stanwyck said that she very much wanted to play Mildred.

Like  Bette replacing CLAUDETTE COLBERT in the role of Margo Channing in ALL ABOUT EVE, Joan might not have been first choice for Mildred Pierce, but she gave an Oscar winning performance which revived her career.



Apparently the Monty Beragon beach house in “Mildred Pierce” was owned by the film’s director, Michael Curtiz. Built in 1929 in Malibu, the house collapsed into the ocean in 1983 after storms.

(This information from


Too nervous to attend on Oscar night, Joan took to her bed and Michael Curtiz presented her with her Oscar . ANN BLYTH ,who played Mildred’s scheming daughter Vida ,was there too at Joan’s bedside, along with the photographers.



Bette herself wasn’t the first choice for NOW VOYAGER.

In a 1980s interview with James Bawden, Bette said,

“Hal Wallis  bought Now Voyager for Irene Dunne who was freelance and her salary was $200,000 a picture……I stormed  into  Jack Warner and convinced him I was cheaper……I was only on $3,000 a week. And Jack said sure ,purely on the economic angle.”

Bette had wanted to play in LIFE WITH FATHER, and said,

“I slipped into the studio late at night to audition for Life With Father, but Mike Curtiz was going to direct it and he said I just wasn’t right.”

(This time Irene Dunne did get the role opposite WILLIAM POWELL.)


The ‘new’ Charlotte in Now Voyager.







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  1. Interesting about Dunne possibly being in Now, Voyager. I could totally see her playing the role of Charlotte, albeit doing it a bit differently than Davis played it. However, the mom in Life with Father is pretty ditzy at times, and I really can’t ever picture Davis playing a ditzy woman. Dunne was great opposite Powell in that movie.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Crawford to be honest, but she belonged in the role of Mildred Pierce. I can’t really see Davis in that part, but I reckon Stanwyck could have pulled it off.

  3. I found FEUD pretty compelling-how much is
    true…who can say?
    I thought Lange and Molina were sensational and
    Judy Davis,as always, a force of nature.
    Overall a must for vintage movie fans.
    Casting pretty spot on except for Wendell Corey and
    William Castle-the actors playing them were very poor
    look a likes.

  4. I haven’t reviewed FEUD yet. Not sure what I think regarding its veracity. I was very impressed by all the leads, especially Jessica Lange – I’ve just ordered the DVD of FRANCES which she starred in – story of Frances Farmer.

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