Marilyn Monroe in  the unfinished “Something’s Got To Give.”

The film was abandoned after  Marilyn’s death in August 1962.

In  1963, filming was resumed with a new title, “Move Over Darling” starring Doris Day and James Garner.


Elizabeth Taylor.LIFE WITH FATHER .

This was Elizabeth’s 7th film. She was 15.


Barbara Stanwyck in TITANIC.

Barbara played the wife of Clifton  Webb in this version of the Titanic disaster .


Judy Garland. THE WIZARD OF OZ.



Ginger’s second film with Cary Grant.


Bette Davis. ALL ABOUT EVE.



Joan Crawford. DAISY KENYON.

The board tells us the date is June 6, 1947 and the costume is for the interior of the Stork Club, Scenes 88 and 89.


Three photos of Joan Crawford costume tests for MILDRED PIERCE.




Wonder if the number 638 means this is the number of Warners films to that date.


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