Who  knew . Jack Elam is the star of KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL.



Studios suggest advertising campaigns for cinemas. Love how the letter has Norma saying her film, SMILIN’ THROUGH is a masterpiece!

Thousands of requests for a return engagement of the film! Oh, sure.


SMILIN ‘ THROUGH can help you  lose weight! The message is :

“You’ll go ‘Smilin’ Through’ the years without unsightly and ungrateful poundage.!”


So tall.

James Cagney and Bette Davis. The Bride  Came C.O. D.


Without the mask . Clayton Moore. The LONE RANGER.


The end of SLIP SECOND, but will they all survive. Stephen McNally and Alexis  Smith didn’t make it.

Keith Andes, Jan Sterling, Richard Egan, Arthur Hunnicutt.


Oops. Have left out Garbo’s name at top.


Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, Dean Martin listen to music with a message in RIO BRAVO.



Wish they’d made more than one film together.

Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan.


Mary Astor, George Brent.THE GREAT LIE.

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