The romantic melodrama, NEVER SAY GOODBYE, starring  Rock Hudson, Cornell Borchers and George Sanders, is a favourite of mine.

So I was surprised to come across a DVD of the film describing it as part of the Clint Eastwood Collection.

Considering  Clint Eastwood is uncredited and in only one scene , it’s a stretch to include it in this collection. though I guess, if you are a fan and a completist, you’d want it..




Clint  Eastwood on the right, next to Rock Hudson.


Other uncredited performers in Never Say Goodbye include Bess Flowers, Gia Scala and Kurt Katch.


Douglas Sirk

Director Douglas Sirk is credited with bringing Swedish actress Cornell Borchers to Hollywood for this film, though Jerry Hopper directed the film.

IMDB also states that Sirk re- shot  some scenes which George Sanders was in.

The film definitely has a Sirk quality to it. The story of an army surgeon in Berlin after the war,  who meets and marries a German girl, only to be separated by the Iron Curtain.

Never Say Goodbye was a remake of the 1945 THIS LOVE OF OURS .

I haven’t seen this version and don’t know how the two films compare.


Charles Korvin, Merle Oberon

In the 1956 version, Rock Hudson and Cornell Borchers played the Korvin and Oberon roles.


The 1956 film has the same title as an Errol Flynn film from 1946, though the Flynn film has a completely different plot.

Another one I have yet to see.


Errol Flynn, Eleanor Parker

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  1. Heard of both films i.e. the above and the other starring Errol Flynn but have not seen them. I would be interested to find the above in due course. Best regards.

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