CALOX TOOTH POWDER, like many other products, used Hollywood stars for advertising. There was a series of very easy quizzes of which I’ve found a few. The star’s name was always given at the bottom of the ad. And, of course , whatever film the star was currently in was mentioned.

For BING CROSBY, the ad talks about his  gifted voice and “flashing Calox smile”  in  The Star Maker which was made in 1939.

The quiz question for Bing is, “Who is 35 years young and yet a  millionaire.!”


Quiz question : ” Who played Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Hound of the BASKERVILLES.”

It’s Basil Rathbone of course. The masks didn’t conceal much!


Very easy question – “Who starred in GUNGA Din..”

Cary also has a sparkling Calox smile!


Warren William

Other ads for Calox included a 1940 Calender featuring a different Warners  star every month.


Claudette’s current film was “No Time For Love” from 1943 , so that baby would be about 21 in 1964.




Calox Powder 1941

No mention of Joan’s latest film.


The company that made Calox tooth powder , McKesson and Robbins was in existence from 1853 to 1999. It is now the McKesson Corporation, a major U.S. Company.

Tooth powder is still available today but mainly replaced by toothpaste.

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  1. I had never heard of Calox — and am impressed by how many major stars also agreed to be part of advertising campaigns like this one… Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

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