Who the heck is Fred Hitchcock!

We should ask EVA MARIE SAINT who received a standing ovation when she came on stage to present  the Best Costume Design award at the 2018 Oscars.

Relating how the famed director accompanied her to the luxury New York  department store, Bergdorf  Goodman ,  to choose her wardrobe for NORTH BY NORTHWEST, the 93 year old actress referred to him as ‘Fred Hitchcock’. Not Mr. Hitchcock or  ‘Hitch’, but Fred!

(Eva Marie said that her favorite dress in the film was the black one with the red rose pattern).

She reminded us that in her  role in ON THE WATERFRONT, she wore the same outfit throughout the film.

And she mentioned her late husband, Jeffrey Hayden who died in 2016 – they had been married for 65 years.

Before she came on stage, a clip from her Oscar winning performance in  “On The Waterfront” was shown. A scene with Karl Malden.


“On The Waterfront” was Eva Marie’s screen debut and she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1955.


Eva Marie also commented, “I just realised something – I’m older than the Academy.” (Eva Marie was born in 1924, the Academy of a Motion Picture  Arts and Sciences was founded in 1927.)


North By Northwest


As Eve Kendall in North By Northwest





With James Mason and Martin Landau.NORTH by NORTHWEST


With Cary Grant at the end of North By Northwest


Eva Marie will be attending screenings of two of her films,, A HATFUL OF RAIN and GRAND PRIX at the 2018 TCM Festival in April,2018.


A rare picture from the set of North By Northwest. Not sure why Cary Grant has that particular outfit and  tie on. Any ideas?










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  1. Last picture is from the Rapid City Journal.
    Shows them on Main Street near Fifth Street in Rapid City shortly after arriving in the area for filming for “North by Northwest.

    No idea abut that outfit though.

  2. She graduated from the same university that I graduated from, Bowling Green State University, in OH and I do think they named an on campus theatre after her a while back. She was originally going to be a teacher.

  3. Thanks again, Bob. That’s an interesting article about Eva Marie visiting her old University in 2012 for the naming of the theatre in her name.

  4. Vienna! My hunch is that was her personal nickname for him. Kinda cute. And it’s the only thing that makes sense. -Joe

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