An image new to me. This isn’t Marilyn Monroe’ s stand-in. It’s a dummy of Marilyn ( and Robert Mitchum), looking very life-like, presumably for the more perilous shots of the raft on the fast flowing river.

The gorgeous location scenes were filmed in Banff National Park and the Bow river in Alberta, Canada.

I love the title song by Lionel Newman and Ken Darby, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Otto Preminger, whom I have written about  recently, was the unlikely director of this western. Still under contract to Darryl Zanuck, he had to take the assignment, but soon afterwards bought out his Fox contract to go independent.

Preminger had problems  with Marilyn during the filming, partly because Marilyn had her coach on the set with her which was sure to undermine any director.

But the film was very successful .



Tommy Rettig, Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe

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