NEVER TRUST A GAMBLER is a neat little thriller, with a twist half way through which I didn’t see coming.(Though I should have remembered the title of the movie!)

DANE CLARK is on the run from the authorities. He is due to testify in a murder trial, but feels his testimony will send his friend to the chair.

He ends up in San Francisco at the house of his ex-wife ( CATHY O’DONNELL) who has left him because of his gambling. He assures her he is a reformed character and even has a job and bank book to prove it.


Dane Clark

Things don’t go smoothly of course. Detectives TOM DRAKE and JEFF COREY are on the lookout for him, and Cathy is followed out of a shop by RHYS WILLIAMS , also a cop but one who thinks any woman is an easy target for him.

Rhys ends up accidentally dead and Dane decides to dispose of the body and not to tell the police.

Tom Drake, Rhys Williams, Jeff Corey

Drake and Corey make a good team as they tie all the pieces together and Drake falls for O’Donnell.


Myrna Dell

Always reliable MYRNA DELL would have been preferable in the lead female role but only has a few scenes as  a friend of Cathy O’Donnell. ( O’ Donnell is just too one- note for me).

I wish this film was out on DVD. I caught it on You Tube.


This poster actually gives too much away, indicating Dane Clark as a killer.  But is he!

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  1. What a great picture of Myrna. I agree she hasn’t enough to do and comes across so well in her two scenes. She should have done better in her career. RKO really wasted her I feel.

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