Wouldnt you just like to know what Coca-Cola paid MGM for this all star cast advert. Of course it’s great publicity for DINNER AT EIGHT. Even the film’s director,George Cukor is there.

The ad talks about “the cooling relief from the hot kleig lights” and “the stress and strain of shooting scenes over and over.”

(Hope that’s not a comment on Mr. Cukor’s directing style!)


Nice colour shot from SIGN OF THE CROSS, with Fredric March, Claudette Colbert and Cecil B. DeMille.

Nice to know that Cleopatra favoured Coca-Cola.

Paramount apparently has bottled Coca-Cola on the sets.

The pause that refreshes”  was the recurring theme.



Paramount also liked Pepsi-Cola. Here with Robert Preston and Ellen Drew in NIGHT OF JANUARY 16TH.(1941)

Pepsi is described as bigger and better – for only a nickel. The two companies kept their prices the same, even though Pepsi suggests  it is bigger.

Pepsi-Cola is “the double  feature favourite all over America”.  (Ah, the days of double  features when you got your money’s worth.)


Lon Chaney is guzzling that Pepsi, as Broderick Crawford pours for Evelyn Ankers, in NORTH OF THE KLONDIKE.(1942)

(Crawford was billed as ‘Brod’ Crawford in this film.)

”Pepsi-Cola is the rage of Hollywood!”



RKO’s THREE GUYS AND A GOB, with Lucille Ball and Edmund O’Brien.

Pepsi is different from other cola drinks because of its “finer flavor”.


Jean Harlow is having her Coca-Cola in a glass, not a bottle. No film is being  advertised, just that Jean is a HOWARD HUGHES star. Around the time of “Hell’s Angels”?



Joseph Cotten pours for Teresa Wright.

”No ‘shadow of a doubt’ about it. Pepsi-Cola goes over big with the big-time stars.”


Gary Cooper advertises the little known Royal Crown Cola. Gary’s current film is BALL OF FIRE, but he hasn’t been filmed on the set as most of the other stars were.

The ad says, “Stop…….Think……and you’ll drink Royal Crown Cola.”


Barbara Stanwyck’s latest is MY REPUTATION  and she urges the public to buy more war bonds.

Barbara took the Cola test (oh sure) and, guess what, Royal Crown Cola came out on top!


Joan Crawford is congratulated on her “Mildred Pierce” Oscar by the Bottlers of Royal Crown Cola and they wish her a repeat success with the forthcoming “Humoresque “.


Royal Crown Cola was developed in 1905 in the U.S. In 1944, the courts ruled that Coca-Cola didn’t own the word ‘cola’.

Royal Crown had an amusing  ad (wish I could find a picture) showing prisoners in a jail sentenced to a life of Coke or a Pepsi – they snuck Royal Crown into  their cells!

Royal Crown is still going strong in many countries.




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  1. Royal Crown still sold at my local Kroger’s. Visited my daughter in Thailand and Sprite is very popular there and Schweppes dominates the soda market there, making other flavors than ginger ale.

  2. Vienna, I really enjoyed looking at these cola ads, especially the RC Cola. Nothing goes down better than a RC and a Moon Pie. Check this out, especially the commercials.

  3. I am going to have the old Pepsi jingle in my head for the rest of the day.

    Pepsi-Cola hits the spot
    12 full ounces, that’s a lot
    Twice as much for a nickel too
    Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you!

  4. The De Mille/March/Colbert Coke ad is promoting THE SIGN OF THE CROSS, not CLEOPATRA. Back in the day, Pepsi did more than simply suggest it was “bigger.” It WAS bigger — it was widely sold in 12 oz. bottles for a nickel, while Coca-Cola was sold in 6 1/2 oz. bottles, also for five cents. Wonderful array of Hollywood-themed cola ads!

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