Great photo from 1943, during filming of THE DESPERADOES.

Left to right:

Director, Charles Vidor: Evelyn Keyes: Randolph Scott: Claire Trevor: Edgar Buchanan: Glenn Ford: Sally Eilers: Harry Joe Brown.

Obviously not in costume for the film. (Doesn’t Edgar Buchanan look different from his usual screen characters!)

(Sally Eilers was Brown’s wife.)

Harry Joe Brown has been the associate producer on WESTERN UNION (1941), in which Randolph Scott starred. Brown went on to co-produce over a dozen westerns with Scott. Though Scott didn’t become a producer until 1949’s THE WALKING HILLS.


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  1. Wow! That is a fantastic photo. One of my favourite movies. Buchanan and Raymond Walburn totally steal the darn thing.

  2. Vienna, great photo. I really enjoy the photographs you post. I would think that the photo was from 1942. The movie was filmed from June-August, 1942. Glenn Ford enlisted in the Marines after he filmed his next movie DESTROYER.

  3. Buchanan is almost unrecognizable! I’ve not seen this one as I can’t recall seeing Scott and Ford together in a film. I’ll have to check it out.

    • That’s the great thing about character actors- in real life they are probably entirely different from their onscreen personas.

  4. Noted the huge difference of Edgar in the movies and above! Most of the times he appeared as ‘bumbling’. Best regards.

  5. Claire Trevor looks like a teenager and playing second fiddle again. Have not seen it in a long time and tend to confuse it with Renegades (1946) also starring Evelyn. Edgar looks almost handsome!

  6. Correction Claire was the main female character in this an billed above Evelyn. She had previously appeared with Glenn and Bill Holden in TEXAS (1941) which I’ve never seen.

  7. I remember,years ago seeing a behind the scenes
    photo of Scott and Ford tending to a lovely young colt/foal.
    I’ve never been able to track that picture down-from an old
    film annual I think;.it was a real charmer!

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