THE DESPERADOES, from left: Randolph Scott, Evelyn Keyes, Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan, strolling along the western street of the Columbia Pictures Ranch at lunchtime, 1943

Another shot of the stars of THE DESPERADOES, this time  in costume.


Randolph Scott, Glenn Ford.

This photo is listed as being on the set of Glenn Ford’s LUST FOR GOLD which was released in 1949. I’m not sure which film Randolph Scott was making at the time – depends when “Lust for Gold” was filmed.  Both stars may have been filming at the Columbia/Warners ranch.


Another rare shot on the set of THE DESPERADOES, with Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams, Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes, Randolph  Scott and Edgar Buchanan – again, all are in modern dress.


Goofing about. Scott, Ford and Williams.


Randolph Scott, Glenn Ford. THE DESPERADOES


”The Desperadoes “ was Columbia ‘s first full  Technicolor feature.


Guinn Williams, Glenn Ford.

Still in his 20’s, Glenn Ford was being  groomed for stardom by Columbia .


Randolph Scott , Glenn Ford, Guinn Williams.


I don’t know which comic featured the film.


A later Glenn Ford western, THE MAN FROM COLORADO (1948) . Dick Powell visits Ford and William  Holden on the set.

Ford and Holden had costarred previously in TEXAS in 1941 – Claire Trevor and Edgar Buchanan were  also in that one.


Glenn Ford and William Holden on the set of TEXAS.


Charles Vidor

The director of “The Desperadoes “, CHARLES VIDOR (not to be confused with director King Vidor) married  Evelyn Keyes in 1944 but the marriage only lasted a year. He had previously been married to Karen Morley from 1932 to 1943.


Charles Vidor was a Columbia director in the 1940’s. In the above photo from the set of COVER GIRL, he is seen with Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly and Phil Silvers.


On the set of GILDA, which Vidor also directed.


Charles Vidor directing Doris Day on LOVE  ME OR LEAVE ME.


Orson Welles ( who was making  LADY FROM SHANGHAI) visiting Charles Vidor, Rosalind  Russell and Melvyn  Douglas who were  filming  THE GUILT  OF JANET AMES.


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  1. I am loving all these pictures from The Desperadoes. Such a favourite for rainy days.

    James Cagney described Charles Vidor as “a nice Michael Curtiz.” Leaves us with something to think about.

  2. Vienna, these are great photographs, which I am enjoying so much. The picture of Randolph Scott visiting with Glenn Ford on the set of LUST FOR GOLD(1949) was probably made when Scott was filming THE DOOLINS OF OKLAHOMA(1949). Both movies shot scenes at the Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch during October-November, 1948.

    That is such a good photo of Doris Day and director Charles Vidor on the set of LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME(1955). Doris and James Cagney were brilliant.

  3. Sensational photo gallery..it looks as if Scott and Ford
    got on pretty well.
    A shame they never teamed up again for a Western.
    I certainly endorse Walter’s take on LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME,

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