Good to catch up with another ANN SAVAGE/TOM NEAL film, KLONDIKE KATE, from the new box set , “The William Castle Western Collection”.

”Klondike Kate’ was the first teaming at Columbia for Savage and Neal. It’s a slight story set in the Klondike. Glenda Farrell and her dance hall troupe arrive in town of Totem Pole on the same stagecoach as Ann Savage (as Kate) who is there to collect her inheritance from her late father – a saloon now owned by Tom Neal.

Neal is in competition with Sheldon  Leonard who hatches a plot to take over Neal’s saloon.


Ann Savage

With little law in the town, Kate finds it isn’t so easy to get justice. She becomes a singer at Neal’s saloon, replacing Constance Worth .

Tom Neal

Not sure about that moustache.


Glenda Farrell

Glenda of course makes the most of her supporting role.


I haven’t seen the other films in this set yet.

Ann and Tom made two more films together in 1944 before their famous  DETOUR – “Two Man Submarine” And “The Unwritten Code”.

Can’t find either of them but I will be on You Tube catching up on three of Ann Savage’s films, SCARED STIFF, MIDNIGHT MANHUNT and APOLOGY FOR MURDER. All made in 1945. Columbia kept Anne busy.

Still don’t understand why they didn’t hold onto her.

Would also like to see PIER 23 (1951), with Ann and Hugh Beaumont.

You Tube also has Tom Neal’s CRIME INC.


Ann Savage, Tom Neal

From TWO MAN SUBMARINE set. Not sure how Ann fits in!


Roland Varno , Tom Neal, Ann Savage.THE UNWRITTEN CODE.


Ann Savage

Ann learned to fly and looks as if she is enjoying herself in this picture.


Ann’s biography is quite expensive  on Amazon just now.


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  1. I have the Ann Savage book and it is really very entertaining with fascinating material on Ann’s later life. How wonderful she got a starring role in the off beat Canadian film My Winnipeg. I had to laugh at her huge pompadour in the still with Tom Neal. It’s a wonder she didn’t fall over! Would love to see KK as it has another of my favourites s the Australian actress Constance Worth, briefly married to George Brent.

  2. Forgot to say Pier 23 is two episodes of an unsold TV series strung together. Ann is only in one of them. Hugh Beaumont played a detective working the San Francisco waterfront.

  3. Couldn’t find Pier 23 on You Tube. thanks for info on it. I didn’t know it wasn’t a feature film.
    I don’t know much about Constance Worth but she did well in her few scenes in Klondike Kate.

    • Constance came to Hollywood from Australia in 1936. She was signed by RKO but they dropped her after only two films. Her marriage to George Brent seemed to last about two weeks.! He seems to have had second thoughts very quickly. She did a lot of mystery and film noirs and retired in 1949.

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