Born Morris Kusnetzov in New York, Morr Kusnet  (1908 – 1990) was a commercial artist who provided newspapers with portraits of film stars.

By 1935, Morr was  doing magazine covers , and as late as 1963, he did a cover of Carol Burnett for TV Guide.

Here are some examples of his work. There was mention on pulp of a charcoal drawing he did of the 12 ANGRY MEN, but I haven’t been able to find a copy.

I’m not sure if he was ever employed  by any of the studios  , or just freelanced.

A fine artist.



Myrna Loy, Clark Gable


Mary Beth Hughes. 1941


Claudette Colbert, James Stewart



Hedy Lamarr, Robert Taylor


Ann Sothern as ‘Maisie’. UNDERCOVER MAISIE 1947



Hepburn and Tracy. ADAM’S  RIB


Doris Day, James Cagney. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME


Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen. FORBIDDEN PLANET


Lucy and Desi




Morr Kusnet

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  1. Vienna, I so enjoy viewing these wonderful examples of art from the GOLDEN AGE. Morr Kusnet had so much talent that we can still appreciate and enjoy. I really like the Lamarr/ Taylor, Ann Sothern, and Day/Cagney.

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