Sammy Cahn



I love the story that lyricist SAMMY CAHN tells of when he was Oscar nominated (with composer Jule  Styne ) for Best Song,  “Three Coins In a Fountain”.

Sammy was living in the same road as Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Humphrey Bogart, all of whom were also nominated for Oscars in 1955.

But only Sammy won! He received a telegram from the others which said, “Thanks for not letting the street down!”


Humphrey Bogart.THE CAINE MUTINY.



Judy Garland.A STAR IS BORN.


Bing Crosby (with William Holden) for THE COUNTRY GIRL.


Sammy Cahn (1913-1993} won 4 Best Song Oscars. The others were “All The Way”, “High Hopes” and “Call Me Irresponsible” – music by Jimmy Van Heusen. Cahn and Van Heusen wrote many songs for Frank Sinatra.

I have fond memories of seeing Sammy Cahn doing his one-man show in London. He was a terrific raconteur and one of his stories was about collaborating with composer Jule Styne for the first time.

Styne played a melody, and after a few minutes, Sammy turned to him and said, “It seems to me I’ve heard that song before, It’s from an old familiar score..”

Styne said, “What are you, a tune  detective?”


(”Word Weaver” was a phrase used in one of the tributes to Sammy Cahn on his death.)





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  1. Thank you for all of this original sheet music! I like to put together one-hour programs of music by different songwriters (which I then perform with a pianist at retirement communities, libraries and coffee houses). Sammy co-wrote a BUNCH of great songs and wrote a fun autobiography, too. Apparently he was quite a verbal person — using both the written and the spoken word. And a very quick study! Frank Sinatra (and lots of other performers) would call up and ask him to write special material/personalized lyrics for their night club acts, parties, roasts, etc. How terrific that you got to see him perform in London!

  2. Glad to hear about your concerts. I love any celebration of the great songsmiths.
    Yes, seeing and listening to Sammy Cahn in person was a wonderful occasion.

  3. I also saw Sammy’s show in London but felt the young singers didn’t do his songs justice.
    My favourite is Teach Me Tonight.

    • What a memory you have . I have no recollection of the singers , just what a pleasure it was to be there and listen to Mr. Cahn.

  4. Cute story. Great songs. I never think of Mr. Cahn without calling him Sammy “and then I wrote” Cahn.

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