………New to me. In 1936 LUCILLE BALL and BRODERICK CRAWFORD were engaged. For how long I don’t know.

Both were 25 at the time. Lucille had been in 30 films, mostly in uncredited parts. Crawford’s film career didn’t start till 1937.

…….In the late 1920s, Lucille gave herself the name ‘Diane Belmont’ and got work as an in-house model in New York at the famed Hattie Carnegie shop.

Lucille Ball

……..Truth or fiction – Frank Sinatra wanted Lucille Ball for the role of ‘Mrs. Iselin’ in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.  Director John Frankenheimer showed Frank some footage of Angela Lansbury and Frank agreed that Angela was right for the part.

Could Lucille have pulled it off? Who knows. Would she have wanted such a dramatic change, I wonder. She hadn’t done a dramatic role since the 1940s.

And of course, Lucille got the coveted title role in MAME, which really belonged to Angela Lansbury.

And Angela nailed Mrs. Iselin!


………..Love the story BETTE DAVIS tells in the book, “This ‘N That”.

Bette was flying to Australia and was invited into the cockpit to see the harbour and all:

On cue, as I went through the door, the ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’ sign  came on and the entire plane load absolutely died laughing. It was just as if we had planned it.”


Looks like Bette has just taken off her slippers before the next scene.


It is after all “All About Eve”, so this German poster shows ‘Eve’ (Anne Baxter).



Does anyone know why and when this photo was taken?

James Cagney  and Susan Hayward are out front , and the first row has James Stewart, Greer Garson, Gregory Peck, Fredric March and William Holden.

I can see Edmond O’Brien, Paul Douglas, Gene Kelly, Walter Pidgeon and Broderick Crawford in the second row.

I can make out Jack Lemmon in the third row and maybe  Danny Thomas, and that’s it.

Looking at Jack Lemmon, the date must be sometime after 1954.

Is it an awards ceremony, a charity event?

Thanks to Walter who has identified the photo from a 1956 Look Magazine.

And a few more names. Jim was right, it is Eva Marie Saint next to Walter Pidgeon. And Teresa Wright is between Fredric March  and William Holden.

Stanley Kramer is to the right of Paul Douglas,  and Walter is right about Walt Disney and Billy Wilder.

It’s difficult trying  to read the names in the above photo. I think George Stevens and James Wong Howe may also be in the photo.


Further thanks to Bob Walker who found out that this was the 15th LOOK Movie Awards and past winners were present including Walter Wagner and Jean Hersholt.

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  1. Vienna, great pictures of Lucille Ball and Broderick Crawford. Also, a neat picture of Bette Davis and her slippers.

    The picture in question is the LOOK MAGAZINE MOVIE AWARDS for 1955, which was held on March 4, 1956. James Cagney’s award was for LOVE ME OR LEAVE(1955) and Susan Hayward’s was for I’LL CRY TOMORROW(1955). I think the first and second rows are presenters. Second row, fifth from left looks like Walt Disney. Third row, second from left looks like Billy Wilder. Here is the LOOK magazine of March 20, 1956 with the above photo

  2. Thanks so much, and for the link. Good to know what the gathering was for.
    I see the Look magazine issue is for sale at $18.

  3. Vienna, you are so very welcome. I noticed that I left off the ME in LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME in my above comment. Well, sometimes the brain types, but the fingers don’t.

    I like to look at magazine covers, from back in the day, and this photo rang a bell. I seemed to have remembered seeing James Cagney and Susan Hayward on the cover of a magazine together. I typed in Cagney and Hayward magazine cover, 1950’s. So, LOOK magazine came up and I scrolled down to the ebay site, because I know that when selling a magazine, sellers will usually show photos from inside the magazine. So, there was the group photo. Too bad that when you enlarge the page, it makes it difficult to read the names.

    Back to looking at the photo. Third row, fourth from left looks like George Stevens; Same row, sixth from left is Jack Lemmon and on his right, looks like Mercedes McCambridge; Second row, fourth from left, next to Eva Marie Saint, looks like Gene Kelly; Back row, on far left, looks like James Wong Howe; Same row, far right looks like Fred Zinnemann. The rest, I’m not really sure.

  4. Interesting to think of Lucy and Angela competing for roles. Can anyone imagine “I Love Angela”? How about Murder She Wrote with Lucy? Imagine anyone except Vivian Leigh as Scarlet… nearly every woman in Hollywood and way beyond tried for that role. David O. Selznick had his agents scour America for that role.

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