LET’S DO IT AGAIN (1953) is a loose remake of THE AWFUL TRUTH and although having the same basic story line, it really suffers by comparison.

Jane Wyman and Ray Milland are in the Irene Dunne and Cary  Grant roles, with Aldo  Ray in the Ralph Bellamy part.

The story this time round has Milland and Wyman as Gary and Connie Stuart. Gary is a Broadway composer, and Connie  is a singer who has stopped working when they married three years earlier.

When the marriage is in trouble, Connie encourages young Aldo Ray who was a fan of hers when she was performing.

The poster above has Tom Helmore and Ray Milland reprising the ‘hats’ scene in ‘The Awful Truth’. Not as funny. What’s missing is Mr. Grant! (Tom Helmore plays a rival composer).


Ray Milland, Jane Wyman.


The movie is only saved by a couple of good musical numbers, especially Jane’s song, ‘Slow Burn’ which I love.

Another reference to the classic 30s original is dancer Valerie Bettis’s ‘Call of the Wild ‘ – though it doesnt match Joyce Compton’s ‘Gone With The Wind’.

Jane does a very good .vampish version of ‘Call of the Wild’ , similar to Irene Dunne’s hilarious version of ‘Gone With The Wind’.


Ray Milland, Jane Wyman and Aldo  Ray.



Aldo Ray

I liked Aldo Ray as the fresh faced young millionaire with the same shy, aw-shucks style as Ralph Bellamy in ‘The Awful Truth’.


Valerie Bettis

Watching Valerie Bettis dance, you could be watching Rita Hayworth in “Affair in Trinidad”, made a year earlier – Valerie was repeating some of her own choreography for Rita in that film.


Karin Booth, Jane Wyman and Ray Milland.

Karin Booth has a small role as Gary’s new girlfriend after he and Connie file for divorce.

Also in a small part is Leon Ames as Milland’s brother.

I spotted Bess Flowers – who was also an extra in “The Awful Truth.”

And a certain ‘Lucy Warriner’ gets a mention!

Not much of a role for Ray Milland, especially when his singing and piano playing are dubbed. I can’t imagine it was a role he was happy to do. Adding some songs to the light weight plot worked much better for Jane Wyman.


Jane Wyman.

Jane dressed for her ‘Call of the Wild’  number.


The songs are by Lester Lee and Ned Washington.





Ray Milland had another Paramount  release in 1953.

“Jamaica Run” was a Pine -Thomas production which would have been even better if it had been filmed in the real location.

Milland plays Patrick Fairlie who is just out of the navy . He  runs  a charter boat, the Dolphin,  and  returns to Comeback Bay in Kingston, Jamaica to visit the old Dacey mansion .

He wants to renew his acquaintance with Ena Dacey (Arlene Dahl) who is now running her family’s sugar plantation because her wastrel brother Todd (Wendell Corey) isn’t much good at anything.

When Todd sees Patrick, he says, “I thought we’d seen the last of you.I dislike you now as healthily as when you attempted to improve your position by marrying my sister.”

Milland’s character says he’s back in the inter-island  trading business and is looking for cargo. He says, “I’ll be making the Jamaica run regularly.”

Patric Knowles is a land developer ,William Montagu who says that brother and sister Janice and Robert Clayton (Laura Elliot and Michael  Moore) are the true heirs to the Dacey estate.

The truth lies in a ship lost in a storm 100 years earlier and Milland has to dive down to the wreck to find a sea chest.

I enjoyed “Jamaica Run”. The plot moves along well, there’s mystery, murder and suspense.

I was impressed by Carroll McComas as Mrs. Dacey who will never  leave Great House . Mrs.Dacey is in her own little world and doesn’t realise the world around  her has changed.

This actress worked mainly on the stage and only made a few films.

Another routine role for Ray Milland But a good cast all round.Arlene Dahl didn’t have much to do other than look lovely in color.

Laura Elliot (aka Kasey Rogers) is best known as the bespectacled murder victim in  “Strangers on a Train.”

The film deserves a dvd release.


Arlene Dahl, Ray Milland.


Wendell Corey


Ray Milland, Arlene Dahl


Patric Knowles



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