Seen on EBay for sale at $580, this brass on wood plaque was signed by the cast and crew of PAGE MISS GLORY (1935) and given to the star  of the film , Marion Davies.


It’s interesting to see all the signatures, some of which are clear.


The left hand side, above, has Patsy Kelly, George Folsey (cinematographer) Frank McHugh, Dick Powell. I don’t know who the others are.

On the right hand  side, I  can make out Mary Astor, Bob Haas (art director), Lyle Talbot,Robert Lord (writer), Barton MacLane.



From the above, I can see on the left side, Pat O’Brien, Berton Churchill, Lionel Stander.

And on the right, Allen Jenkins, Delmer Daves (writer), and director Mervin LeRoy.

Any other names, I can’t find in the IMDB cast and crew listing.

But IMDB listed during the 1930s that Marie  Blanchard did costumes,Claude Hutchison was in the camera dept and Al Alborn was an assistant director and unit  manager.


Patsy Kelly, Marion Davies


I reviewed this film in July 2014 and found it enjoyable.(  It  was Marion Davies’ first film at Warner Brothers after leaving MGM.



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  1. Vienna, this is a wonderful find. I’m sure a collector will grab this up, if they haven’t already. Thanks for giving us a look at this piece of ‘Golden Age” memorabilia.

    I was looking over the signatures and right under Pat Obrien’s, is Perc H. Westmore, the famous makeup man at Warner Bros. IMDB doesn’t list him as working on this movie, but he must have, because there is his signature. Many off the names are probably camera operators, production people, and minor players like Vera Burnett.

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