The great BERNARD HERRMANN wins his first and only Oscar for Best Score in 1941, for “All That Money Can Buy.”

With MARY ASTOR, Best Supporting Actress for THE GREAT LIE.


Ava Gardner

Lovely portrait.



A young Audie Murphy


Greta Garbo

Garbo at home in New York. 1966.





Queen Elizabeth doesn’t even get a mention !



Bette Davis.

I don’t know what the proposed film was , in which Bette would play a nun.



Four’s a Crowd. 1938 The Thinker. Rosalind Russell.

What’s on your mind.


Still thinking. HIS GIRL FRIDAY.


Ilka Chase, Bette Davis

A scene cut from NOW VOYAGER. The do-over.


Quite a get together on the MGM backlot. Four stars in costume.

Clark Gable (San Francisco) ;  Robert Montgomery (Trouble for  Two).

Lionel Barrymore (The Devil Doll)  ;  Paul Muni (The Good Earth.)




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  1. The photo of Bette as a nun seems to be a test shot for an early attempt – circa 1938 – at filming a version of The Miracle, a color production to be directed by Max Reinhardt with music by Erich Korngold. The movie was later made 20 years later with Carroll Baker and Roger Moore.

  2. Great info. Many thanks. I see on the IMDB entry for the 1959 film, The Miracle, it says Warner’s made a technicolour test of Bette for the role. If true, what rare footage that would be.

  3. Very interesting post of the photos above never before seen. Never knew The Miracle was planned some 20 years before final production. Thank you. Best regards.

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