Impressive painting of GLORIA  SWANSON by Boris Chaliapin (1904-1979) who did 400 covers for TIME magazine from 1942 to 1970.

Time Magazine had asked Chaliapin to do a cover portrait of Gloria Swanson who was expected to win the Oscar for “Sunset Boulevard”.

When Judy Holliday won, they got him to do a cover portrait of Broadway actress, Barbara Bel Geddes instead. Barbara was starring in “The Moon  is Blue”.

Chaliapin ‘s  watercolour of Gloria from 1951 is now in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution. The painting was gifted to the Smithsonian by Boris Chaliapin’s  widow.

I wonder if Time considered a cover for Judy Holliday.

All the portraits at the Smithsonian can be seen at


The portrait of Barbara Bel Geddes which made the cover of Time magazine in 1951 instead of Gloria Swanson. The original is also in the Smithsonian, courtesy of Mrs. Chaliapin.


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  1. I’d forgotten all about Judy Holliday. I adored her in that film where she was particularly ditsy, and can’t remember what it was called. ????

  2. Vienna, I agree that the Boris Chaliapin watercolor of Gloria Swanson is most impressive. Chaliapin did many impressive covers for TIME MAGAZINE, but he never did one of Judy Holliday. I don’t think Holliday ever appeared on the cover of TIME.

    I really like Judy Holliday, but I think Gloria Swanson should have received the Academy Award for her unforgettable performance in SUNSET BOULEVARD(1950). She did win many awards that year, but not the Oscar.

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