With a title, JESSE JAMES VS THE DALTONS, I don’t think it was unreasonable to expect to see ‘Jesse James’, but no.   The famous outlaw becomes the invisible man!

Brett King plays ‘Joe Branch’ who has grown up thinking he is the son of the famous outlaw. He is convinced Jesse is still alive (he isn’t ),  and enlists the help of Barbara Lawrence and the Daltons to get to the truth.

Best performances came from James Griffith as Bob Dalton and Rory Mallinson as Bob Ford.

Coincidence: Brett King played Jesse James in an episode of “Yancy Derringer” in 1959.


Rory Mallinson, Brett King.











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  1. Vienna, how about Mario Bava’s PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES(1965)? Are there any actual vampires? Is this the usual vampire movie? Where is Christopher Lee?

  2. Don’t know this one but I see it was made in Italy and Barry Sullivan starred. I guess the budget couldn’t extend to an actual vampire!

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