Who’s looking at Who?

Not too difficult if you’re  a fan of the actor on the left. Is that a smile (well, almost) on his face?

Who are they, and who are they looking at?  What’s the film?




Adele Jergens


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  1. McGraw and Don McGuire watching Adele Jergens as a, ahem, “dancer” who may lead them to a murderous robber in Armored Car Robbery.

  2. You got it, Patricia! I’ve added Adele’s photo . She plays Yvonne LeDoux who’s described as a ‘bur-le-q queen ‘ . I love ARMORED CAR ROBBERY, 67 minutes long and not a second wasted. Director Richard Fleischer and Charles McGraw, as I’m sure you know, would get together again for THE NARROW MARGIN.

  3. There’s a very touching cameo by Anne Nagel as the murdered policeman’s widow. It was Anne’s final screen appearance.

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