Lynn Bari

Born on this day in 1919, tall and sultry Lynn Bari is for me one of these performers who should have been a  bigger star.

In films as early as 1933, Lynn spent quite a few years in uncredited parts before getting a contract with Fox where she stayed for 12 years.

She was adept in drama or comedy, yet Fox never groomed her for top stardom.

I haven’t seen half of her output but always appreciated her talent .

With Barbara Stanwyck in “Always Goodbye.”


With Lloyd Nolan in “Charter Pilot”.

Lynn and Lloyd were in four films together. i’ve Seen PIER 13 and SLEEPERS WEST. They made a good team.




With a young Dana Andrews and Jon Hall as KIT CARSON (1940).



With George Sanders In THE FALCON TAKES OVER . This film was based on Raymond Chandler’s “Farewell My Lovely”, with the Falcon substituting for Philip Marlowe. It would take RKO another two years to try again with the story and get it right with MURDER MY SWEET with Dick Powell.

The Falcon Takes Over is an ok entry in the Falcon series, but like early versions of The Maltese Falcon, chose to take a lighter tone with the material.



With John Payne and Alice Faye In HELLO FRISCO HELLO.


With Edward G. Robinson In TAMPICO (1944)


With Fred MacMurray In CAPTAIN EDDIE (1945)


With Randolph Scott. HOME SWEET  HOMICIDE (1946)


One  of my favourite Bari films, she has a substantial role in this Raft picture,playing  a character whom Raft falls,for even though he’s not sure if she’s a murderer.


Lynn’s second husband was Sid  Luft who went on to marry Judy Garland.


I’d love to see the 12 episode TV series Lynn starred in ,BOSS LADY (1952), costarring Glenn Langan. No sign of it on You Tube.



This 500 page biography by Jeff Gordon was published in 2010 and got excellent reviews. The paperback edition came out this year and I have just ordered it. The author had a long correspondence with Lynn in the years prior to her death in 1989 and he was also in contact with friends and relatives, including her son John Luft.

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  1. Vienna thank you for the wonderful tribute to Lynn . As you say she should have been a bigger name. At 20th she had to watch people like Anne Baxter and Gene Tierney being promoted for A picture stardom. She was considered for Laura which might have pushed her career in a different direction. I have had the biography for several years and some of it makes sad reading. Three awful husbands and personal problems which overwhelmed her at times. I actually spoke to her on the phone on two occasions , the number given to me by the Murder She Wrote casting director. A bit intrusive I know but when she realised I was a genuine fan .
    we had good conversations.I sent photos care of the Santa Barbara post office which she signed for me. She was living with her son John Luft at the time.

  2. My dad used to comment that he never understood why Lynn hadn’t become a bigger star. I must say that the more I see of her, the more I agree with that assessment. I enjoyed your tribute very much.

  3. Lynn’s arthritis meant she was unable to accept a guest spot on Murder She Wrote which would have reunited her with Margie co star Jeanne Crain as a pair of Cabot Cove sisters.
    The parts were eventually played by Teresa Wright and Joan Leslie

  4. I really enjoyed this post, I’m another Lynn fan! She’s part of one of my favorite movie scenes, singing “At Last” (albeit dubbed!) in ORCHESTRA WIVES. Believe it or not I ordered this book as sort of a Christmas present to myself and it arrived a few days ago. Haven’t had time to open it but really looking forward to it.

    Great info on the failed plans for her to appear on MURDER, SHE WROTE, JP. Thanks.

    Best wishes,

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