Fate forced a “DETOUR”. Blu-Ray release

Coming March 19th from The Criterion Collection. Get your order in now! The  Criterion website (Criterion.com) has a short preview of the restored film and it looks great.

The extras include a 2004 documentary on the film’s director, Edgar G. Ulmer ( which includes an interview with Ann Savage); an interview with Ulmer’s biographer,Noah Isenberg and a  documentary on the film’s restoration.

I like the new cover by Jennifer Dionisio.


Tom Neal


Ann Savage, Tom Neal.


Tom Neal

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  1. Interesting that in real life,it would seem, Savage was the total
    opposite of her character,she and Neal,certainly never got on.
    Thanks for the link-I’m off now to check out that clip.

  2. This is great. I ADORE Detour! Wrote a little something about it for Noirvember https://theoldhollywoodgarden.wordpress.com/2018/11/04/detour-1945-noirs-unlikely-masterpiece/

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