Walking through the Scottish Design Exchange, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this stunning cushion featuring Joan Crawford.

It was made by a Glasgow textile designer, Louise Henderson , and on checking her website , I found the following classic Hollywood images.

Louise uses a combination of vintage images and original drawings which are digitally printed on a range of fabrics and wallpapers.

All  are available to order . I look forward to seeing Louise’s future designs.


It’s Bette in her blonde days.


A vintage chorus line.


The pattern in Kate Hepburn’s top reproduced by Louise.


Joe E. Brown.


Anita Page

Is that not a great lamp!












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  1. Vienna, I’ve been having problems posting comments on other sites, so hopefully this will get through.

    These are really good photographs of some neat items. I like the Joan Crawford and Bette Davis cushions Also, the Anita Page lamp is nice.

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