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  1. Oooh, how fun! I know these: Anthony Caruso, John Dehner, Felix Bressart, James Gleason, Donald Meek, Arthur O’Connell, Elisha Cook, Jr., Percy Helton, Lyle Talbot, Morris Ankrum, and what looks like James Best, but I’m not sure if that’s him. What a great idea, Vienna!

  2. Vienna, here goes:

    1. I. Stanford Jolly
    2. Roy Barcroft
    3. Houseley Stevenson, Tom D’Andrea
    4. Donald MacBride
    5. Allyn Joslyn
    6. Myron Healey
    7. Anthony Caruso
    8. Clayton Moore
    9. Felix Bressart
    10. John Dehner
    11. Ian Wolfe
    12. James Griffth
    13. James Gleason
    14. Donald Meek
    15. Arthur O’ Connell
    16. Elisha Cook, Jr.
    17. Percy Helton
    18. Lyle Talbot
    19. Morris Ankrum
    20. Frank Ferguson
    21. James Best
    22. Denver Pyle
    23. Glenn Strange
    24. Douglas Kennedy

  3. Each of them was in more movies (and TV shows) that leading men. John Dehner also played Paladin on the radio version of “Have Gun, WIll Travel”– the only time a radio show came from a TV show. Great group, and lots of fun.

  4. Always liked Allyn Joslyn. He had two leading roles opposite Evelyn Keyes in Dangerous Blondes and Strange Affair at Columbia. One of the most cruelly intrusive photos I’ve ever seen was taken by a fan when Allyn was a patient at The Motion Picture Country House. A sick old man in bed staring at the camera with dead eyes. It was printed in one of the Whatever Happened To books, shame on Mr Lamparski.

  5. I love quizzes so I had a go too. Identified 20 out of 24 straight off. Not bad but ‘no cigar’ compared to my buddy, Walter. Well done, that man!

  6. That’s very impressive. I’m glad to have Walter as a regular contributor. To identify all 24 is pretty amazing. I love how fans continue to remember all the great supporting performers.

    • Vienna, I really enjoy your Classic Hollywood site. I could look at your wonderful choice of photographs all day. Also, your write-ups are good and interesting.

      The movies and TV shows wouldn’t be any good without the fine supporting actors and actresses.

      Jerry, thank you kindly.

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