Rolf Armstrong


I came across this portrait of James Cagney and was curious about its origins.

It was the work of artist, ROLF ARMSTRONG (1889-1960) who was a friend of Cagney, and it dates from 1954. It was done on Hawaii where Armstrong lived.


Rolf Armstrong and James Cagney.


Armstrong  works on his portrait of Boris Karloff from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.


Boris Karloff, Rolf Armstrong.



Rolf Armstrong also worked on  several film magazine covers.


Bebe Daniels


Rolf Armstrong.


Rolf Armstrong’s nephew was  Robert  Armstrong of King Kong fame. Robert handled the funeral arrangements of his uncle in 1960.


Michigan born Armstrong did illustrations for magazines,  sheet music and calendars. His vibrant colours were very popular.


NEHI was a flavoured soft drink in America from 1924. Rolf Armstrong did this illustration in beautiful pastel colours.

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  1. Zowie! Ain’t this a kick in the head? It was – I’m guessing – done when MR. ROBERTS was made. Thanks so much. I remember the Karloff painting from my old Monster Kid days.

    Famous Monsters From Filmland, etc. You are the best.

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