NANCY GATES (1926- 2019)


Sad to hear that Nancy Gates has passed away. Although under  contract to RKO from the tender age of 15, Nancy’s career in Hollywood was not extensive but she will be remembered by western  fans for her role in COMMANCHE STATION (1960).

Nancy was screen tested in 1942 for “The Magnificent Ambersons”, but lost out to Anne Baxter. RKO didn’t do her any favours, loaning  her out for supporting roles in films like “Cheyenne Takes Over.”


Nancy played Sterling Hayden’s wife in SUDDENLY.

With Frank Sinatra. SUDDENLY.


Back to supporting roles in MEMBER OF THE WEDDING and AT SWORD’S POINT.


With Cornel Wilde and Maureen O’Hara In AT SWORD’S POINT.


In GUNFIGHT AT DODGE CITY, Nancy costarred with  Joel McCrea and Julie Adams.

With Joel MCrea and Harry Lauter.


Nancy played Arthur Kennedy’s  girlfriend in SOME   CAME RUNNING.



In a radio production of SUNSET BOULEVARD, Nancy played the role that Nancy Olsen played in the film.


Two films of Nancy’s films I havent seen are THE ATOMIC CITY and WORLD WITHOUT END.

She married in 1948 a prominent Hollywood attorney, J. William Haye and eventually retired from acting in 1969 after making over 50 TV appearances in all the well known tv shows of the 60s.


With Randolph Scott In COMMANCHE STATION.

Her quiet stoicism as the woman rescued from the Indians  in “Commanche Station “ will be remembered.




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  1. She was a lovely teen actress in movies based on the Gildersleeves radio program.

    Nancy’s television work includes multiple appearances on many of my favourite shows. It is always a treat to see her when I relax with a classic show.

    PS: Nancy was not Sterling Hayden’s wife in Suddenly. She was a widow whom Hayden’s character wanted to marry. Suddenly used to pop up on television with alarming regularity when I was a teenager.

  2. I also remember Nancy in the underrated DEATH OF A SCOUNDREL as one of the women discarded by George Sanders. She was a secretary whom George pushes to stardom in a play called The Walking Doll! Why are play titles in films always so awful?

  3. Nancy was Betty Shaeffer to Miriam Hopkins Norma Desmond in a TV Sunset Boulevard . She also did a version of The Hard Way with Ann Sheridan in the Ida Lupino part. What wouldn’t we give to see these!

  4. Vienna, I enjoyed reading your tribute to Nancy Gates a really fine actress. I didn’t know about her passing until I read it in the London THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, which announced it on April 12. She passed on March 24 at age ninety-three. She was in some really good movies and TV shows, in which I have enjoyed over the years. I recently saw her in a fine episode of THE LONER(1965-66) a Western series starring Lloyd Bridges, which was created and written by Rod Serling. The episode was “The House Rules at Mrs. Wayne’s” which aired November 6, 1965. It was written by Rod Serling and directed by Allen H. Miner.

    Nancy Gates R.I.P.

  5. Vienna, I came across, in the MALIBU TIMES, an obituary for Theodora Lois Sherman, better known as Teddi Sherman/writer/actress/teacher. She co-wrote the screenplay of FOUR FACES WEST(1948) and several other movies and TV shows from the 1940’s to the the 1970’s.

    Teddi Sherman R.I.P.

    • Try this:-

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