Does anyone know who this actress is?

The photograph was by Houston Rogers (1902-1970) , one of London’s leading theatre photographers.


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  1. Not one hundred per cent sure but think it might be Australian actress Judy Kelly who was in many British films of the thirties and forties.

  2. Could be but have checked other pics of Judy and not sure. Had a look at photos taken by Rogers and couldn’t find this one.

  3. The face is very familiar — it’s driving me mad! I’d like to think it was Katherine Byron, but I don’t think it is.

  4. Bob, you always come up trumps! I found confirmation on Wordpoint.com. The portrait of BINNIE HALE by Houston Rogers was sold on EBay UK. It is from around 1925.
    Binnie Hale (1899-1984) was a star of stage musicals and the original star of NO NO NANETTE. She made a hit of ‘Spread a Little Happiness.’ Her brother was Sonnie Hale.

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