Spot the mistake in the above cover for the accompanying Collectors   booklet with the new blu-ray of WOMAN IN THE WINDOW! A bit careless.

Kino Lorber brought out the Fritz Lang film in blu-ray in America in 2018, and now, in May 2019,  there is a UK release from Eureka  in its series “Masters of Cinema”.



Edward G. Robinson


Joan Bennett


Thanks to my friend Alistair for pointing out the spelling error . (I haven’t yet bought the disc).

I’m curious to know what folk think of Woman in the Window’s ending. Two comments I saw on IMDB were extremely different!

One said, “…surprising climax years ahead of its time.”

The other said, ”A cop-out!”


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  1. hi Vienna its all to do with the carelessness of the digital age and maybe also lack of knowledge within the younger generation . I have a fridge magnet for PYSCHO that lists Marion Crane as a member of the cast!! regards peter

  2. Jane Hylton played a character called Marion Crane in an excellent British thriller Night Train To Inverness in 1959. She even looks a little like Janet Leigh. British actress Sally Gray also suffered by being given a different surname. The DVD release of Obsession starred Robert Newton and Sally Brown!

  3. Watched – and enjoyed all over again – “Woman in the Window” last night. The ending doesn’t disappoint me – in fact, I like it!
    (Spoiler alert!)
    But if it was all a dream, and Ed G. never actually meets up with the Dan Duryea character in it – how does he recognise him as the doorman at the end? One or two joins, a couple of scratches, but not a bad print on the whole. It could maybe have done with a little bit more restoration (IMHO).

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