Edward G. Robinson and Michael Curtiz and the sailors  of THE SEA WOLF. No sign of Ida Lupino or John Garfield.


Clark Gable and Norma Shearer . “IDIOT’S DELIGHT.”

Could be Norma’s stand-in  behind her.


Taking it easy between shots. Barbara Stanwyck and Clark Gable. TO PLEASE A LADY.


Great shot of Cary Grant on top of the roof in TO  CATCH A THIEF.

Hitchcock is up there on the scaffolding.



Grace Kelly . “To Catch a Thief.”


Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov visit Cary Grant on the set of TO  CATCH A THIEF. (Ray and Ustinov in costume for MY THREE ANGELS.)


Tay Garnett, John Garfield, Lana Turner. THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE.


Raoul  Walsh In jacket. Alan Hale, Ida Lupino, George Raft. THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT.


Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda visit Joan Crawford and James Stewart on the set of THE GORGEOUS HUSSY.

James looks a bit uncomfortable in that get-up!


Howard Keel, Robert  Taylor, Ava Gardner. RIDE VAQUERO.

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  1. Vienna, I always enjoy your choice in picking photographs to use. My favorite in this post is the shot with Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock. Also, the on set shot from THE GORGEOUS HUSSEY(1936). How could I not like the photo of the beautiful Grace Kelly.

  2. That is an amazing photo which was new to me. Cary looks quite casual on the roof!
    Wish the Grace Kelly pic had been in colour.

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