The question is ,how many of Hildy’s  fellow reporters can you identify?   They are all so familiar, but ,without a sneak look at IMDB, I’m stuck.

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  1. I recognize the man on the far left but I don’t know his name. The second and third from the left are Porter Hall and Roscoe Karns. The man on the far right is Frank Jenks. The man next to him might be Regis Toomey, but I’m not sure.

    All fine actors. I recently saw Porter Hall in a terrific performance in “Intruder in the Dust.”

  2. Well done, I’m sure you are right on all four. I thought the actor first left would be the hardest . Must watch Intruder in the Dust.

  3. Frank Jenks is a great favourite of mine. He was a staple in Universal films through the thirties and forties. He was the chaffeur amongst a group of household staff who pursued Deanna Durbin in His Butlers Sister. His only leading roles were in two PRC films in the mid forties.

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