CRY OF THE CITY.  Richard Conte, Debra Paget, Victor Mature.



Spencer Tracy and Lana Turner. DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE.


Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn.THE AFRICAN QUEEN.

Happy moment.


Cary Grant, Sonia Henie.

Snazzy  shoes!  Don’t know the occasion.


Royal Film Performance. 1951. WHERE NO VULTURES FLY which starred Anthony Steel and Dinah Sheridan.  Based on a true story of the first game reserve in Kenya.

Lizabeth Scott, Jane Russell, Margaret Rutherford, Joan Rice, ? Merle Oberon, Fred MacMurray, Peter Lawford, Burt Lancaster.

According to the Pathe News footage of the event, Lizabeth Scott was introduced to the Queen as Zachary Scott ( who was standing to the right of Lizabeth!)

Who’s between Joan Rice and Merle Oberon?

It’s been pointed out to me (thanks, Vi) that the stars are standing in alphabetical order. Makes sense, I suppose. So the mysterious chap’s surname must  start O or R.




Fred and Gene Kelly,  ‘I love to go swimmin’ with wimmen’ from DEEP IN MY HEART.



Margaret O’Brien presents an award to Claude Jarman Jr. for  his role in THE YEARLING. . The award was from The Parents Magazine, recognising wholesome and family entertainment.

(That’s some  size of award!)


Irene Dunne presents the Best Director Oscar to Fred Zinnemann for “From Here To Eternity.”


Lew Ayres, Greer Garson, Robert Taylor. REMEMBER.

Is it well remembered?


Irene Dunne, Robert Montgomery.UNFINISHED BUSINESS

Finally caught up with this. Stars let down by poor script.





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  1. Cary’s shoes are known as the Co-respondent and also as the Spectator.
    Made popular in the U.S. when the Duke of Windsor wore them when he visited in 1925.

    According to Getty Images, it’s John Mills next to Joan Rice.

    Claude Jarman Jr. (note speliing) also won the “Juvenile Oscar” for The Yearling.

    • I too saw John Mills’ name, but I don’t see the resemblance. Looks too tall.
      Thanks for correcting my misspelling of Claude’s name.
      Love that info on Cary’s shoes. Thanks!

  2. Similar angle of Peter Reynolds.

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