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  1. Have only managed to get a few. Thurston Hall, Clinton Sunberg, Beulah Bondi, Constance Collier, Mabel Paige, Eugene Pallette, Byron Foulger, Jack La Rue, Will Wright, J.Carroll Naish, Franklin Pangborn, Clem Bevans.

  2. James Flavin
    Thurston Hall
    Luther Adler
    Frank Jenks
    Russell Collins [cheated on this one]
    Minerva Urecal
    Gene Evans [cheated again]
    Constance Collier*
    Mabel Paige *
    Eugene Palette
    George Tobias
    Rhys Williams
    George E. Stone
    Charles Halton
    Nat Pendleton
    Jack LaRue
    Abner Biberman
    Will Wright
    Charles Halton again
    King Donovan
    J. Carroll Naish*
    Franklin Pangborn
    Clem Bevans
    Mike Mazurki
    George Zucco
    Clinton Sundberg

    Some of these may certainly be wrong. The ones that are starred are ones that I wouldn’t have remembered if others hadn’t identified them. (Not knowing J. Carroll Naish is really embarrassing.) The two that I wrote I cheated on I recognized but couldn’t think of their names; however, I remembered things they were in, and looked them up that way.

    I love all your posts, but these are among my favorites.

  3. Vienna, better late than never. So, here goes with my list of some favorite character actors and actresses.

    James Flavin, Thurston Hall, Luther Adler, Frank Jenks, Russell Collins, Minerva Urecal, Gene Evans, Constance Collier, Chick Chandler, Minor Watson, Mabel Paige, Eugene Pallette, George Tobias, Rhys Williams, George E.Stone, Charles Halton, Irving Bacon, Nat Pendleton, Jack LaRue, jack Lambert, Will Wright, Charles Halton, King Donovan, J. Carroll Naish, Franklin Pangborn, Marc Lawrence, Harry Lewis, Clem Bevans, Mike Mazurki, George Zucco, and Clinton Sundberg.

    Like Steve, I remembered some of their faces from certain movies and I looked them up by way of movie credits for their names. Classic movies were better for having these wonderful actors and actresses in them.

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