How could I pass by a bookshop that had two 1930s film annuals in the window! Of course I couldn’t.
YOUNG’S INTERESTING BOOKS launched ten years ago in the south side of Glasgow . It buys and sells second hand and antiquarian books. The shop is small and quirky.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a 1939 Spanish poster for DUST BE MY DESTINY on the wall.

  • The shop is run by Noelle Carroll and Barry Young and I say, forget online if you are looking for a rare, hard to find or out of print book, contact [email protected]
  • (Currently £17)


    When they go on holiday, this is the kind of fun thing they do in their window display!



Barry Young is also head of the Sherlock Holmes Society In Scotland. In 2016, the society screened a very rare 1916 film, SHERLOCK HOLMES.


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  1. What a wonderful looking shop. I was very interested to read about the Sherlock Holmes screening. The star William Gillete persuaded Conan Doyle to agree to the first stage dramatision of the character and subsequently played the role for many years.

  2. I was in a play earlier this year which placed real life Gillette in a fictional murder mystery. The Game’s Afoot. Great fun with secret panels and bodies disappearing!

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